The Series

This web series is a meta-ethno-non/fictional representation of the conversations that the authors had during the process of writing and publishing their book, Impolite Conversations (Atria, 2014).

(Produced in conjunction with camra.)

CORA: John, WTF does that mean?

JOHN: It is a kind of “serious joke,” even if I am the only one who finds it funny. 🙂

CORA: At least you realize you have a select audience. Instead, how about: this web series is scripted reality, conversations that blur the lines between fiction and reality inspired by our non-fiction book, Impolite Conversations (Atria, 2014), .

JOHN: Ugh, at least meta-ethno sounds like more than just a shameless plug. For those who are curious, let’s just stick to: Watch the series.

CORA: And read the book!